Lily Fresh Kenya is a farm gate shop. We are a group of farmers who have come together to
market our produce collectively to the end consumer. The initiative was started in 2017 by a
group of 22 farmers that has now grown to 85 supplying the whole range of farm produce to
more than 800 homes around Nairobi Metropolis.
Our aim is to reduce the high number of middlemen involved in the distribution chain, having
noted that they unnecessarily increase the food price but the farmer remains ever poor.


When your sign up to Lily Fresh Kenya, you get the following benefits:-
1. Fair and stable prices for your fruits and vegetables. By eliminating a horde of middlemen, we
are able to offer very fair prices. We revise our prices only once per month making your kitchen
budgeting precise.
2. Fresh produce. Since we deliver on order, most of our produce is delivered the same day its
harvested thus ensuring maximum nutrient retention.
3. High level of hygiene. By now you must be very familiar with the very unhygienic manner food
is handled at the main open air markets. We assure you that our produce meets the highest
standards of hygiene.
4. Convenience. You will no longer need to make time to go shopping as we deliver right to your
doorstep or the car boot at your office.
5. Choice. We have the widest range of fruits, vegetables, cereals, nuts & herbs. It’s like having
the whole City Market brought to your doorstep for you to pick your choice.